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Poetry Magnum Opus

Southern man


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What else can I say

not said already?

There is nothing more to say. I have

opened my mind to you,

never asking directly for love.

Too difficult. Some kind

of understanding, some kind of friendship?

That would be nice. Even platonic.

I like you. I told you that several times.


What can you do? I walk away.

Why doesn't she understand?

As a woman she cannot possibly be that stupid.

She knows I want to go to bed with her,

within marriage, if necessary.


Don't need you, baby, I don't need you,

SooooOOO sorry, babe, I don't need

you or anyone, I've got this

feeling, I've got this splinter of ice,

wedged so tight inside my heart.


To hell with them damn white women.

Reckon I'll go down to Nigger Town.


Dang, dang, bee-yow-WAH hoowooooh ....

Dang k'shucka DANG k'shucka DANG k'shucka DANG. Ooohoo!

WEE-o-wanga wanga wannananananannananna na....wowowwowoinggggg! .. oooheeeeeeee

ooooooooooohh ... man, that helps me get along,

helps me do the things I do ....

Hey, baby ... sweet little bitch, sweet little honey chile,

who you Mama who you Papa, who you badass brothers?

you all too young, BADANGwowowwowoinggggg!. kirikirikirikirikiiri

Eleison. E major, F minor, DANG DANG poooWEEeeeooo.

Knew your fuckin granpa, baby.

Saw him hanging from a willow tree.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Repeat from another site, but thought this wonderful doo-wap needed a small kick.


I like the rhythm of this one. The first part is like a slow waltz and the rest is pure boogie-woogie, at least to me. I've known both types also. Way back when, I was stationed in Illinois and picked up the northern accents. When I went back to the South on leave, the girls giggled and wanted me to talk more for their amusement. Unfortunately, that's all they wanted. Great double mood piece.


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