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Poetry Magnum Opus

My Love Poem To You

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

My Love Poem To You



If every word I write to you

could just touch your heart so.


The few words I use in this love letter would be

more insightful then the understanding in the bible.


I would give you all the money they print if

only you would believe I love you this much.


I want to give you a home

made out of silver and gold.


If only I could perform you the

perfect magic trick out of the blue.


If only I could just hold you tight

I would promise you my entire life.


You are worth more to me then all the stars

that shine in the twilight horizon and more.


Every song I sing to you I wish

I could perform just right for you.


After dark I would seranade you

and hold your hand till sunrise.


I promise you this and more

if only you would marry me.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Very nice, Victor. "I would give you all the money they print" made me smile, because I think she'll want all the electronically created amounts, too.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

hey tony i don't know if i could write that lmbo hehe giggling someone might take me srious if i promise this all the credit in the world. they might want me to buy them thir own god lol...



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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