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Poetry Magnum Opus

Fish Wives


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Fish Wives


Gossip serves a function

Rather behind my back than

to my face he says and I agree

when you have adapted to living

at depth the sirens call of evolution

sings for you to suddenly go shallow


The fish flopping on the floor

the endless broken relationship

a stultified history gasping for air

the house is filled with open nets

crying to be filled and we are both

sick of the stink the longest hours

of forgetting waves are the ocean

the shore littered with abundance

a carrion feast with parallel while

we sit in still waters feel empty

Waiting to fulfill the promises

on our ever-receding shores.

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Is this a metaphor for today's narcissistic society? Many who use the "net" see value in a "social" network. For them, "gossip serves a function" as they "adapt" to "living at depth" and "suddenly go shallow."


Let them think what they may. In the end, they will "sit in still waters," "feel empty," and wait "to fulfill promises" on "ever-receding shores."



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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It does work very well as a commentary on Social Media although I suspect it could also apply to other things i.e: job politics/ambition/frustration--- even redundancy. You have a knack of drawing the reader in and leaving things open to interpretation. Enjoyed. Benjamin

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