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Poetry Magnum Opus

Night Oracles


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Night Oracles


Every night is filled with oracles

we forget we are their revelations

a projection of the divine with this

link this grand experiment this this

coming to conclusion I reach out

cell phone one hand sunset in the

other a colony of bats whirl wind

descend upon this quiet street

a squeeking cheerful multitude


I ecstatically curse

and the voice sharing space/time

responds I have a message for

you the bat means change

embrace this she says

from two-thousand

mitigated miles

satellite nodes




And I do

The Me that loves all of it

Eyes intuiting cat wrongness

even before its stripes appear

in the slightly drunk dark

a delicious foraging skunk

the ordinary miraculous

bleeds all over

my life and yours

lest we fail

to remember

how gloriful

it truly is.

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David W. Parsley

Hey, doc, I really like this rapturous piece. There may be more to say later, but I didn't want too much time to go by, without expressing some appreciation. The stuttering "this this" is the kind of device that can be implemented only by the sure craftsman, augmenting the breathlessly spontaneous tone of the piece. Interesting diversion to variation on a word, "gloriful," to make sure the reader will not blow by it or check off the stock response entry on his/her list, and to just plain get the right meaning after all. Again, not recommended for any but the sure hand.


One of your best!

- Dave

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Wonderful words for those who see beauty and wonder in everything, especially the heavens. When I was able to walk my country road, I marvelled at how beautiful are so many varieties of weeds we kill for a manicured lawn.

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Excellent poetry: strange and inevitable, accessible, yet at the same time challenging the reader to dare start seeing things. The last 7 lines draw it together nicely.

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Thank you all for stopping and and commenting- David I am pleased that the parts worked for you- Benjamin thanks was hesitant about the last 7 but they felt right;-) Many thanks to all for taking the time to read and stop by;-)

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

i enjoyed reading this. usually people add something i being guilty of putting stuff in poems especially at the ending that spell it out and is not needed. n ths case the ending of your poem is like extra jelly on a jam sandwich that makes the poem sweater. well put. if i was a kid again exploring the world your poem takes me back....


thank you...



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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I agree with Dave on the stutter. It's a terrific effect. I also like Franklin's musing re weeds and grass.


"We forget we are their revelations" (and not the other way around) hits hard right at the get-go. I really like


cell phone one hand sunset in the

other a colony of bats whirl wind

descend upon this quiet street


and the two-thousand/mitigated miles/satellite nodes/translating/wonder. Of course, "cat wrongness" makes the "all of it" okay.


Tony :smile:

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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