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Poetry Magnum Opus

Hope Eternal...

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Hope Eternal...


When we make love it is understood

sometimes the fire is the flame within

that burns for both of us so eternally.


Occasionally it rains outside and other times

it feels so cold like you are as distant as the blue moon

that is shining its light on both of us majestically up high.

I see you're as distant as the nocturnal stars that fade away

in our sleep like the well of dreams we both do share.


Yesterday, I wished believing we could live it over again

the melody that keeps playing in the back of my mind.

Sometimes the voices inside my conscious soul

are really telling me I just need you to be by my side.


You strummed my heart on this Saturday evening

playing me like a fiddler dancing wildly on the rooftop.

When all I want to do is hold your body closer to mine

then the time that is ticking away fast on the clock.


Late last night was our time to become one in union.

It was all a big blur at first, but I want to do it over again

all just the same. Those memories we shared have become

the most magical moments of each other lives up to this point.


If only I could dream once more I would want to be a part

of your journey soaring to new heights above the horizon sky.

I wake up in the quiet morning still hoping you would

be next to me in bed as a part of my life today I pray?


I would grasp your arm reaching for consideration and empathy.

I will sacrifice my life for you playing with words that I whisper to you

from the bottom of my bleeding heart where blood has fallen to the ground.

It would be about marriage and love and nothing more I promise you.


You see I would say it with conviction expressing my love

wanting to be with you forevermore. You see I have always

felt this way about you. Can't you see this in my eyes?


I hope for eternity we can wake up together drifting on the

clouds this river of dreams as the tears fall from your face.

I want to kiss your lips like the dew on the moist ground

at sunrise as the stars fade back into the horizon overhead.


So give me a second chance is all I am asking for from you

so we can sail away in all our aspirations and let the wind take us

to our mansion way up high were the clouds do roam freely.


We would sit by the ocean wishing to return to paradise twilight

afterwards as we sit and talk about the way we spent last night.

We roast marshmallows counting the dimming stars as the sun rises.


All about faith don't you realize I am singing you lyrics about love?

Words I scribed for you like a love poem as we sit around the campfire

holding hands and listening to the radio till the stellar are no more.


The sun comes up and I am hoping this memory we shared last unending.

When I ask you to marry me; it is true so I promise you to be steadfast.

I will guide you to the stars in heaven and give you many cosmic orgasms.


When I look in your mirror I see the grass is on fire where I see you.

Your green eyes are like the nature in my soul and you set me ablaze.

Will you let my quench the thirst I have from the burning fire you started

from igniting a spark in my heart and I promise you that I will be faithful

and true something you can be thankful for or I will burn eternally more.


We are a perfect match made out in the cosmos so give me this one chance

for my romanticism is devoted to you like a shooting star crashing to Earth.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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