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Poetry Magnum Opus

Stolen By Birds


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Stolen By Birds


The Latvian Mother

Trickster Feminine

tells the innocent

If you put salt on

a bird's tail

it freezes

and you

grab it



little crystals keep the weeds down

more than once shakers in the sandbox


Just before dawn

among redwood giants

a barrel-house cacophony

pins me to the floor singing


Wake up Wake up

sawing pitch steals sorrow

trills take joy

swoop and loops pull anger

caws cancel hope

The chorus cleaves both future and past


Leaving nothing but now


In the evening

among the river rocks

or the great green lawns

they might pass back

parts of this story

more truthful

than words.

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Interesting reading Tony! Thanks for taking the time to engage! My take is more: Old Self/New Self/No Self ;-) But then again we're equals in interpreting some of Dr. Con's Madness;-) Juris

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The myth of salt on a bird's tail was wide-spread, even in my youth. I remember asking my grandmother how I could get close enough to sprinkle salt on a bird. She gave me a quick look and said, "Ah, that's exactly the point."


A quick turn to sleeping off a binge, (perhaps a mental one) and waking to the destruction of ancient redwoods (symbols?) falling into the future, leaving its residents to circle empty space.


Still, the residue of the giants add/change the future.


Hell, Dr., just ruminating but very much enjoyed the tenor of the poem. I was once stupid enough to enjoy driving my car through a tunnel cut into a redwood.

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