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Poetry Magnum Opus

Sometimes Like No Other

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Sometimes like No Other


Did you ever wonder why the sky was so light blue like serentity?

Or did you ever wonder why the grass is so green like nature?

And sometimes did you ever wonder why the sea is so deep blue and still?


Sometimes I want to reach up way high

and other times I just want to scream out loud.


If I could just feel the way I did

when I was first with you?

Oh, how you made my life feel

like I was on a roller-coaster high everyday.


Each and everyday that you were a part of my life

you made me feel like I was on cloud-nine and than some.

This old cliche' as cheesy as it gets.

Yet, it is the way it was between us.


To have that slow dance again

that one true romance that it was.

To have that feeling in my heart again.

To hear that lovely tune blow my way once more.

Sometimes love still holds so true.

why does it seem no one ever

seems to take that chance anymore?


Dancing on the clouds

and walking on water.

Tell me what time it really is?

So many years ago you left me high and dry,

but that is just the way it has to be between us.

Strumming my heart keys like no other,

why did you tell me you love me like no other

and then you got up and left me for another man;

Like the fool I was treating you

after you turned my world upside down.


So I pray to my God telling him

how much that I still am in love

and now I have this deep hurt inside me.

0h I see you have been strumming my heart keys

ever so gently and ever so calmly.


So why don't you go a way and leave me now.

You see the wind is so cold when it blows on my face for so long.

I need no ones shoulder to cry on but my own.

So if I ever wake up somber one day

and see the sunlight shinning on my face.


I tell myself the world is over,

but still your words keep reaching out for me,

So I climb out of bed and bathe to another glorious day.

I go to the beach my old familiar place.

I run accross the seashore for hours it seems.

I scream at the top of my lungs telling Sophia

has my would come crashing in.


I hear the tune of my life playing in my head,

I see the sun rising in the clouds.

My old ghosts are haunting my bitter soul.

I am yelling at the stars as watch the sunset again

as the day fades into the west,

it seems hours ago I was watching it come up in the east.

The empty bottle is my remorse and yet

there is no peace in my heart or this lonely world.

Knowing that the same ghosts are still strumming my heart keys

the wind is still blowing on my pale face

as the paramedics rush me to the hospital

this sanitorium seems so bitter and cold'

like my love world that revolves in the dark.


So come out and play with me

and maybe you can strum my heart keys also.


hope that i forgive her and pray for a rain like no other...

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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