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Poetry Magnum Opus

Like Velvet, Like Water

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

like velvet like water






if i saw your face in the mirror

would blood be splattered abroad on it?


all just the same crimson red

bleeds from my heart

and falls from my eyes

like colorful butteflies

fluttering their wings

arrayed in the springtime.


if the sky showed you a rainbow

out of the blue

minus the color of the faery goddess


would you still want my pot of gold?

or would you dig your nails

into the veins of my tongue

so my words could not be spoken


on a cold night

i sit by the campfire

no one notices that the goddess sophia'

has touched my soul


the remorse i have

at an unrelenting god


yeshua the annoited one

speaks of the heavenly queen


yet my eyes still focus

only on her dressed in silk virtue

the virgin mary

raped by an old roman soldier

i know through this deed

my lineage is born


like the symbol of the cross

does anyone really care

as fire reigns from the shining stars above


an old book controls the regilious bigots

even the zealots bring their swords

while the young handmaiden virgins

burn the embryol of my yearning soul

i crave the warmth of the holy mother


oh sophia i cry out to you

i slight my wrists because my elizabeth

is far from my life

the vision i had of her

dressed in sackclothe

does she still love me the same?


does crimson run like water

as the sky turns velvet

from the colorful rainbow above


tonight i dream of making love

only my left hand is the witness

of this only witness named

fornication unlawful carnal knowledge

who made this word

the synapsis of love

the fortitude that it is.


the bloody vesture

the begotten son of god


doesn't heal me

i am left with a broken heart


as i lay crying in bed

weeping away as my tears fall

from the nighttime heavenly sky

yellow roses and blue flowers

all the callirhoes bud on the ground.

my tears fill the reservoir of life


you stabbed my heart

with your razor eyebrows


the baby born at one month


my heart still bleeds all the same.

just another day at the office

another dollar earned


the old cliche'

a penny saved, is a penny earned

and still i am shunned

like velvet like water

until tomorrow comes undone

my bloody corpse rots away

my carcature lays buried six foot deep

and does god give a damn

i think not

as the holy ghost sophia

weeps uncontrolably.


I die alone,

no one there

because they have murdered my angels

and buried them in a faraway land


the sun set last night

and did not rise today.

all that remains is

a full reservoir of my crimson tears.

the water has turned purple

and all my beloved says

is like velvet like water

words woven like magic

majestically around my beloveds throat

today we met in heaven

but it was only an illusion

of the dream and vision

that will come to pass in another time

in another life.


my words haunt those around

who witness my quick demise

echoing in my dark grave

are these simple words

like velvet like water

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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