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Poetry Magnum Opus

Among the Birds


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Among the Birds


And you can see why I prefer the company of birds

he said

after revelations about his military service HIV

our dust bowl reinvention in time for the end

times in America and the underlying theme

of yogic philosophy in Schopenhauer’s Will

because somehow I would understand

I did


After my breakups opening closings

kicks in the pants this life we've all

been living while history’s gears

creak and complain

as only metal does

masking simple enduring

in a cacophony of somethings

more important than our

last world worries


I envy his freedom as he runs

into the quiet bird less woods

where I had come to

get away.

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Wait a second ... this one rings a bell of sorts: the novel "Birdy" by William Wharton:


An extraordinary story of war and friendship from one of America’s most revered authors of the 20th Century. Two teenagers form an unlikely friendship in pre-War Philadelphia. Al is obsessed with lifting weights, looking good and chasing girls. Birdy is obsessed with flight. Birdy’s passion becomes all-encompassing. Birdy wants to fly. A few years later these young men find themselves emotionally and physically scarred by Word War Two. Al is called to an army psychiatric hospital to help the doctors there treat his friend, who he finds squatting on the floor of his cell and acting like a bird. This haunting and brilliant novel has electrified readers the world over. It has truly become a modern classic.In 1984, Birdy was turned into an award-winning movie directed by Alan Parker and starring Nicholas Cage and Matthew Modine.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Ha! never rad the book may have seen the movie- I do remember it having an impact on my literary friends. But this was based on an incident in Binghamton NY a couple of weeks ago- I've alaways said my life is a movie but really? thanks Ded! Juris

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I am curious who or what it is that ran into the woods. It wasn't a bird; a bird would have flown. Was it a deer? A homeless person? I don't know. Intriguing.


Tony :smile:


Ah, EDIT: I just got it. It was the person, probably a homeless vet, from the first verse. :blush:

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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