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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Countless sleepless nights and mornings after,

when my futile complaints questioned all reason.

What it's like to be young--

living for the moment.


The reek of cannabis--

constant foul language.

Tequila slammers and c.d.s--

All night raves and toxic rap

I wanna kill ev'ry body in da world!”

A bubble of zombie flesh

burst with one loud bang

as the bailiffs enter.

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Hi Tink. Thanks for looking in. Trials and tribulations of modern living. The immorality of the music industry never seems to astound me. I heard those robotic lyrics coming from a 13yr. old's cell phone. B

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What a piteous group of lemmings we can be!

Even non-conformists conform to their (derived) notion of non-conformity.

I think it was Cocteau or Gide (one of those French buggers) who said, in paraphrase:

"True originals are people who desparately want to be normal but don't know how."

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Thanks Eclipse and Bren.

I remember my own youth and how we all conspired so hard to be 'different' that we all ended up looking just the same. Sigh! :unsure:

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Long ago times when our worst sin was a bottle of beer, sneaked with pride with our buds. We survived. Now, countless youth fill the streets and neighborhoods throughout the night, pumped up on something-something invented every day. No purpose, no sense of personal responsibility for anything, even the beating to death with a baseball bat of an old man who could not defend himself against a chlld. No parental control from early age, and even no caring--certainly no love--as the so-called adults go about their indendent lives, then spend fortunes defending the acts of the monsters they created.


Yes, this is not about the quality of your poem, but the rant of an old man who has lost all sympathy for those who bring woe upon themselves, aware or not. How do we continue to ignore the violence of today? Most who destroy all around them were coddled all their few years.


Thanks for getting me in a real snit, Geoff! :blink:

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As a child born of the generation who came together to fight a common enemy. I shudder at the fragmented antithesis that now prevails. This snapshot can be taken from different aspects; perhaps the bailiffs indicate a certain justice or relief for some-- and the birth of a new reality for others. :smile:

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