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Poetry Magnum Opus

A New View


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A New View


I watch slow drizzle

collect on broad leaves of dogwood,

finally dropping to other leaves

or the ground below.


Behemoths of storm clouds

move from the west in a hurry to rid

themselves of tons of water, unaware

of their effects on the terrain or people below.


Waves of heavy bombers make their way

via differing routes to rid themselves of tons

of WWII era iron bombs.

The first three reach the drop point.


Just as with the cumuli, these man-made

storms fly with determination to selected

targets of weapons, even people

who struggle under loads of supplies.


Mayhem arrives as I watch the wonder

from below, a reverse angle of observation

for me and now completely out of my control.

Trees sway violently as if in protest.

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Your observation and interesting characterization of the “Behemoth” from below, is a well drawn parallel; triggering memories of monumental past events. A reflection of the elements that were, and still are, above and beyond all individual control. A reminder of how fragile and vulnerable we all are. On a different tack-- my musical psyche prompts me to listen once more to that Joni Mitchell song “Both Sides Now.”

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Thank you. I have often suffered over what it must have been like to suddenly be bombed from planes so high they could not be seen or heard. At least we can usually hear the approaching storm, especiallly the tornadoes.

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Terrific parallel, the storm clouds and air raid, Franklin. My mother, as a child (and a refugee), survived the American bombing of Dresden. The large building they wanted to get into that had a bomb shelter was over capacity, and my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and some others were turned away. They were allowed into the basement of a small house that was nearby. When the air raid was over, and they emerged, every building, including the one with the bomb shelter, was leveled ... except for the small house they had taken shelter in.


I love the "opposite" perspective you employ in this one. The last line is inspired and very Trakl-like.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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David W. Parsley

Appropriate metaphor and mood capturing disparate sequences in parallel to realize the common dread and mayhem.


- Dave

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