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My Toxic Life, Just my Bio & I is all...

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

My Toxic Life, Just my Bio & I is all....


icon_post_target.gifby Larsen M. Callirhoe » August 19th, 2012, 6:34 am

i have nothing better to do right now. so I will post my bio ... in my journal. It is a rough draft of my life. i hope you enjoy reading it.


Well here is my bio and introduction. Better late then never I say.


I was born on March 31, 1971 to two happy parents *Vic* (66) and *Terry* (61) Lashewitz. *I* am a 41 year old male. *I* have one brother named *Andrew* (31) and two sisters named *Debbie* (40) and *Shannon* (36). I grew up in south Florida. I have many fond childhood memories of living in Florida.


My childhood was that of a spoiled child. I had an easy childhood. I loved going to church at a young age and I have several great memories of my old church Epworth United Methodist Church. I was a member of my church youth group for several years. I had many great adventures with members of my church youth group.


I have many great childhood and teenage memories of spending time with my family on holidays and birthdays. My great grandma Suzie used to have and prepare lunch for my family and other relatives. Every Sunday for 10 years we had a feast over my great grandmother's house. These wonderful memories make me sad now because several of my family members have sinced passed away.


I attended high school in Cooper City, Florida and graduated in 1990. One regret in High School is that I didn't take two years of foreign language. This made my college pre-recqs defficient. My grade point average was barely passing 1.888. I attended many night school classes and summer school classes to make up for my slacking during my four years of high school. In some ways I feel I got a better general education because I did well at the pace in my night school classes and summer school classes. If you take away the classes I failed because I redid them I would of had a 2.7 grade point average in High School.


I spent a year in the army (1990-1991) and I got out on a mental profile early because the armed services just was not for me. I just don't see murder as a answer even in a wartime situation. During my time in the service America went to war with Iraq. I don't know why I joined the service because I am a contianious (bad spelling) objecter.


I got out of the military and worked several jobs. I worked at Pizza Hut and Chili's to name a few odd jobs that I did work. I went to junior college and I have one year of college under my belt. I attended a junior college named Broward Community College. My grades were just a little above average in college. Between paying my bills and working two jobs at once attending college for me was hard. I had to pay for the classes on my own. My parents did not believe in helping pay for schooling. I slacked in High School and know I could have done much better in public school. My major in junior college was pre-Pharmacy.


I lived in my grandmothers house while attending college and working and she let me come and go as I pleased. I made many friends at Pizza Hut and Chili's. I was training to be a manager at Pizza Hut when I got into a horrible car accident in 1996.


I got married in 1996 and got a divorce in 1999 to a young girl named Joyce Yvonne Wood. I met my ex at Epworth United Methodist church when she was just a baby. I knew her, her whole life. I miss her now that I am divorced from her. We have not seen each other since the divorce proceedings.


In 1996 I was in a awlful car accident and broke my neck. I became a quadreplegic. I am a incomplete quadreplegic because I can move both my arms and my right hand and fingers. For a year in 1999 I lived in 3 different Nursing homes.


In the year 2000 I moved from south Florida to Cincinnati, Ohio. My parents have lived in Florence, Kentucky since 1992 which is also about 20 minutes away from the area where I moved to. I moved into apartment. Living on my own was hard and it became to hard for me to keep living on my own. For two years after the accident my ex-wife took care of me so living om my own was a great adjustment. I learned how to take care of myself after that and this path in my life was very hard.


In 2006 I moved into a nursing home. This is my current residency ...called Glencare Nursing Home in Cincinnati, Ohio.


I started writing in the year 2000 I started writing poetry in 2001. I love talking about my NDE's (Near Death Experiences), the Holy Spirit, and of course I love to read and write poetry. I am a big fan of Star Wars and also a huge fan of the James Bond movies. I love nature and enjoy watching the sunrise or set by the ocean. I also love watching thunderstorms by the ocean.


Well this is enough rambling on by me.


BTW my pen name Larsen M. Callirhoe is my name in other languages.


My hobbies use to be collecting comic books and reading Stars Wars books. I am a huge Ann Rice and Stephen King fan. I love music and poetry. I also like talking about the Greek Goddess Sophia. I am a believer in a God and a Goddess of all. I love traveling and have visited over 30 states in America. My favorite place is Naples, Florida. This gulf coast town is laid back and pleasant.


Well I hope you enjoyed reading my bio.


Henceforth my poet name: Larsen M. Callirhoe aka my birth name Victor Michael Lashewitz.


ps. My last name is Hebrew and means in english to christen with wisdom, understanding, & knowledge.


update on my bio...


I currently reside in Wellington Manor Nursing Home in Hamilton, Ohio. I am now a diabetic and wear eye glasses. I have become obese battling morbid obesity. I have reenrolled into a university online. I now attend Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University Academy online. I am doing rather quite well. My major is going to be Computer Information Technology. If I stay healty enough I want to pursue a masters if I can.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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