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Poetry Magnum Opus

Not A Sonnet (15 lines)

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

A sonnet on this thing writing I'm set to write

I thought it might renovate a literary muscle

serendipitous were it to cure a writing blight

exercise of composition training for the tussle.

Writer's block unlike a sculptor's one of stone

is a mental lack of matter from which to chisel,

mind's tools blunt, its need's sharp for honing.

Each blank confronted prone and apt to fizzle

out. An implicit threat of filling a yawning zone

to dry-gulched poets after drops of inspiration.

But my buds of wit in words wither unblooming

I thought I might write this here sonnet but am

losing my inclination at this challenge looming.

Rhyme schemes go awry as do my best most deft designs;

resolution declines, I lose my will in just one too many lines.

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Writers block??? On a slightly different tack I'm reminded of John Lennon's (paraphrased) reply to an interviewer who asked about his lyrical prowess. "I just think of something I wanna say and make it rhyme!" If only.... :wacko:

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Diffficult to explain why I don't write. i form poems at night and they are gone in the morning. Besides, I have to want to write and lately I have not wanted to do anything. If I write, it disappears down the page with good or bad comments . I know little of poetry, but I know I can write things. I have written a book and done nothing with it, except to force it on some friends who would not criticize. i have produced what I call art and given prints to people who may appreciate, or not. No way of knowing, unless you trust their comments. Like others, I want my so-called art to be communicated to those who might understand or have an opinion. So I chase the sites and create blogs for my stuff. The best part is the writing, if possible.

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