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Poetry Magnum Opus

Old Age


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Old Age

Starts at different ages.

Life's effects always

finds the weaknesses.

The brain and organs

enclosed within the skin,

also an organ working.

Experiences cause changes

combined with genes

and DNA make us unique.

Some inherit organs

that outlast the system

that keeps them alive.

Best is that ability

to see or imagine

the beauty in everything.

In a field of weeds

grow thistles

which can enamor.

Families can find each other

in celebration with potluck

and laughter at foolish kin.

A job can clearly

be a burden or a joy

of personal achievement.

Writing a poem

can be a past-time

or a joy of words.

Feebleness after activity

can bring relief of relaxation

and the illusion of strength.

Deterioration can bring

misery or pride in having

gained all possible pleasure.

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This one's profound, Franklin. I think you qualify the statement you make in the first two lines thoroughly by looking at it from all the angles, all the way down to the last three lines, the incredible spin at the end.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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I agree that old age starts at different ages.Some struggle with the weight of life more than others and the gene pool is a lottery. The "joy of words" is a great leveller: it has no boundaries. So keep on writing my friend. :smile:

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