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Poetry Magnum Opus

Reality Bytes


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A circus came to town today

with caravans and raggy clowns

and hissing steam to flute the sounds

of its Calliope.

Parades of preening troupers bowed:

performing seals and dancing bears

like courtesans displayed their wares

into the autumn evening's shroud.


Infernal posted bills portrayed

a strong man and performing fleas,

with elephants, and chimpanzees

who’d steal your very breath away.

While phantoms on the high trapeze,

defied all odds and plied their trade

above the audience, who made

a silent enigmatic frieze.


The ringmaster a lone Lord God

and master of their lurid days,

exacted he be given praise

by cracking whip and probing rod.

Unwary mortals, beguiled by

his demon midgets juggling balls,

were herded to the waiting stalls

where wily barkers caught their eye.


And sorely tempted, mesmerised,

they gambled in demonic games,

with numbered tickets for their names

and smiles that matched their greedy eyes.

Till fire-eater's flames shot through

a grill of freaks and gurning trolls,

who integrated with fresh souls

and sauces on the barbecue.


A circus came to town today

with caravans and raggy clowns,

and hissing steam to flute the sounds

of its Calliope.

And with the dying of the year

you felt that you could run away

to where there is no night or day

under it’s aegis--- disappear.

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An interesting title for this entertaining poem, Benjamin. I suppose its publication in this venue is possible thanks to millions of electronic "bytes." The "reality" part of the title is juxtaposed nicely with the atmosphere and spectacles described in the body of the poem. Yes, I think the title is perfect.


Carnival, entertainment, reality aside -- it's a long, holiday weekend here. Thank you for the diversion, for providing the amusement.


Tony :smile:

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Wow. So the theme for you lately is: Transport. You have twice now, lifted me from my chair, before this dimly lit screen somewhere in mid NY and transported me into the beautiful and grotesque world of your imaging- Well played Ben, well played... Juris & Dr. Con

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Tony. The holiday season here usually means at some stage The Seven Faces Of Dr. Lao will appear. I just thought I'd get in first for once. :biggrin:


Juris & DC. Well they do say variety is the spice of life. :wink:

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David W. Parsley

Benjamin, this work takes me to another time, when masters with names like Edwin Arlington Robinson and Thomas Hardy were writing. The rhymes are new and expertly deployed. And the sometime bright, sometimes garish images take on immediacy that transports the reader into the witnessing "frieze." But the sly composer wants more, crafting symbol and language from the recesses of the psyche to evoke fear of the ultimate Authority figure and his Adversary, the flashing panoply of the actors in their show - us, in so many of our manifestations. Moves seamlessly and seemlessly between the eerie, the bizarre, and the festive. Inspired.


- Dave

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