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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Illusion of Permanence


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The Illusion of Permanence


In the morning when I hammer

my soul back together


after the gossamer wrecking

crew has dismantled

everything held dear piled the

remains in invisible

heaps for night scavengers

to find and pick through


‘O yes here’s his heart it’s

well used but mostly servicable

probably get some more care out of it

if you squeeze it real good- Be careful

it ain’t a 20 something devil-may-care

but mostly is just surprised what love

and lust it could provide for wild-eyed

little boys with dreams of adventure


Blame this soft thing

Look the brains are mostly mush

but with long fibers as tough as steel

All those borrowed ideas ripe to rot

in no time flat


It really needs a good cleaning


But what matters more

is what’s down here

in the root cellar

the ground

of great



At the first sign of stirring

a sound of wet glistening

an upwelling

as the spring

breaks the dull

earth they stop

this pretense

of anthropology

and gather


Look Look

Two legs a spine

some scars serving

as map of assumption


Well Done


A nose and two eyes

and ears to go with them

Well we hope it’s happy

with this chosen lot


I thank Gods for coffee

and the warm blows

of a single sun


Listening to the birds

and dawning insects

I’m glad we decided


which one

to be


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An excellent insight Doc.

People arrive at hospital units via different routes and take for granted the dedication,skill and responsibility of overworked medical professionals. The gowns and masks are rarely perceived as personae (except in t/v. medical drama). In these days of spare part surgery and health insurance it's still prudent to believe that “prevention is better than cure,” although how many would wilt at those scathing words, “If you don't care about your own well-being, why the f**k should anyone else!”

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David W. Parsley

Hi Doc, a fascinating poem investigating the nature of mutability and mortality. What is an individual life worth and how is it measured? I want to return to this one and speculate on the nature of these scavengers (plural!), experience your guided investigation. Will commment again if something else surfaces.


- Dave

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Boy, Doc, this one hit me in the gonads. I have already donated my crappy remains for the witless interns to cut up into usable parts; why would I care? Some good may come of it. My decision was based on purely economical terms. I am not religous and don't want to burden my family with all the foolish and barbaric rituals to feed an an undertaker's coffers. I don't care about the crap after, just the agony of getting there. Besides, they pay all the expenses and even send ashes in a nice little urn.

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Many Thanks all! Interesting the readings this is getting- Believe it or not 'medical professionals' never occurred to me while writing this;-)


Thanks All!



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