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Poetry Magnum Opus

After The Wake


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The spurting coals' mischievous yellow flames

projected flickers from a well-used grate.

And ceiling's vellum plane gave silent life

to empty chairs; aroused suspicious eyes

that blinked from ornate carvings on their backs.

The wilting flowers were a gorgons head

that writhed through catacombs of table legs;

and tacit memorabilia: a horse

with wings whose rider set the world to rights,

all in this lurid magic lantern show.


The omnipresent old grandfather clock

reflected well, a heart that permeated

outposts of the gloom. It hiccuped: whirred,

then clicked, And with a power pre-ordained,

its chimes rang out the quarter. Shattering

the peace of all who dared usurp this space.

It whirred and clicked again: then, task completed,

lapsed to where the shadows danced their lives

oblivious of tick-and-tock... Compliant

slaves ruled by the fire's dying glow.

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