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Poetry Magnum Opus

if i layed down and died

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Poem, if i layed down and died...


if i layed down and died

would you still love me all the same

if the ashes were not old on my grave

would you remember me in your tears

the way we rolled around in the sack

like a hot potato

you really knew how to turn me on



but these dreams and fantasies

where no reality really exists

but the light from your eyes


if we were just to dance

on the starlight high up in the clouds

i would touch your heart

like the gentle rain

that falls on the ground

after my demise and i am just a spirit

kissing you in the wind

as a ray from the sun touches your face

tomorrow cannot come to quickly


i died in your arms that night

so remember all the kisses we did share


you carry are child that resides inside you

when the baby smiles at you

in the future of this crazy world

i hope for just one thing

and that is you see me in our child's smile

boy or girl please teach the baby

when he or she grows up

to dance like us in the wind

so the child can light up the heavens

and dance on the clouds like we used to


i will be looking down on you from above

until we meet once again


i send you flowers

from another dimension of existence

i hope it touches your heart

like the tears you cried the night

i died in your arms

remember the first kiss we shared

in bed together


nothing is better then you

loving me in return

soft memories on the pillow

a red rose to greet you in the morning

when you are all alone

and i was off to work

before i died in a car crash


if i had a penny for every thought

i had of you

i would own everything

that exists in this crazy world

and i would give it all to just you.


Larsen M. Callirhoe

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The essence of this is bittersweet like the musical "Carousel": where Billy Bigalow observes the love of his life and his daughter on earth, from his afterlife job of polishing the stars in heaven. Benjamin

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