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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Clay chips stack


up on green nap,


each a life’s gamble,


as valuable as causes


of its win or loss.




A stack’s height


can be hastily built,


and teeter even


as a short structure,


or piled steadily high with care.




The next pair of cards


determines our chances


and hopes as we figure


the odds and cast our bet,


our “tells” of confidence.




When matches go well


we grin like hell, thinking


superior play has won again.


Little do we know the odds


fall as they will.

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The fragility of life succinctly expressed: I see the ebb and flow-- beyond control. How things once taken for granted can disappear-- and views on life that usually relate to personal circumstances change. Life truly is a game of chance--but how I hate that awful phrase, “nothing is forever.”

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Damn, Geoff, I hate it when you're right. My stack is close to teetering. As in "Texas Hold 'em," I think I'll go all in. A pair of deuces ain't bad. :ph34r:

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David W. Parsley

Simple, true to life, true to form. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. :wink:


- Dave

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David, thank you, not just for your words of encouragement for me, but for adding immeasurably to this collection of real people.

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Doc, you got it straight. I love those neat piles.

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