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Poetry Magnum Opus

Belated Confessions of a Little Tyke


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Four of us ran off from school and went down to the river park. Callin' Gillie man a “ FOOL” for a chase was a crackin' lark. But he was off, so we had a think and Peewee mentioned boats.“Aye! As long as buggers don't sink!” Said Jim, as we took off our coats. Cog boats were tied up to small buoys along our muddy river shore. Smudge pulled one in-- jumped on wi' joy-- “I've not been on a boat before!” He loosed it's rope wi' out a thought, an' 'coggy' gave a quiver then quickly it began to float-- wi' Smudge--- away up river. Smudge ranted on like Captain Bligh cursin' to the bitter end; but 'coggy' swep' off wi' the tide an' vanished round our river's bend. “Soddin’ coggy!” I said to Jim, “It didn’t even have an oar!” Fourteen miles it carried him before he drifted close to shore.

Jim called for police and life boat crews, (anonymous o’ course!) And it was on the evenin' news, “BOY-- ADRIFT WI' OUT 'IS OARS!” That he was lucky wi' his ride and wasn't knocked about; fortunate-- the surgin' tide was ‘in’--- not 'going out'. Next day we met in our backyard, all there exceptin' Smudge.‘Cos though we’d been whacked extra hard-- his folks still held a grudge. And Sergeant Fubso seemed to think, “Bad influence... It's plain to see!” But Smudge still kept a secret link-- wi' Peewee, Jim ‘n’ me.

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Ah sure, weren't we all young boys at one time? "I dare ya ... I dare ya!" It's all part of growing up to be ... well, older boys!

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Smudge became a river pilot, Jim went into export/ import shipping and Peewee ended up in a Spanish jail as a smuggler. Me? Ah! It would take too long....... :smile:

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