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Poetry Magnum Opus

Pillow Talk


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Do you recall the nights when we first wed?

How you'd reach out and hold my hand in bed?”

He fidgeted, opened one eye and tried

to feign sleep--but she'd turned on her side.

And how you'd stroke my shoulders-- and my hair,

nibble my ear and bite me on the neck?”

He leapt up suddenly-- flung off the sheets

and cried-- “Hang on while I go get my teeth!”

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Did not see THAT coming! :)


Clever. Funny. I am not any good at slant rhyme or assonance, so your shEEts and tEEth are a cute touch.

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Couldn't resist this. It was told to me as a joke by an 85 year old retired headmaster who was visiting a mutual friend at the same time as I was a couple of days ago. Thought it would make a humorous verse. :biggrin:

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