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Poetry Magnum Opus


Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Wonder of the World the Great Barrier Reef,

Reef a living structure of coral time has built;

Built piece upon piece a deft mosaic of Nature

Nature created, but inept fools may see it wilt.

Wilt an unwary world be minded of that threat?

Threat to living things in every molecule of sea

Sea which bore us to which is owed great debt.

Debt Mankind's legacy for all its past indiscretion

Indiscretion to commit and omit, mistakes we made,

Made selfishly disregarding future or our tomorrow.

Tomorrow's here, the Faustian precept must be paid.

Paid in full for all damage as what is sewn is reaped

Reaped a denuded crop of gifts if we pursue this rape

Rape of planetary resources too long our human way

Way to win this race if slower runners breast the tape.

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David W. Parsley

Frank, you stay well abreast of events. The Great Barrier, one more to fall that we considered beyond our reach, begging the question of who wields the almighty fin of defiance touted by Melville. Perhaps it is the microbe, after all.


- Dave

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Nicely worded piece Frank. We are only just beginning to understand the complexity and inter-related nature of ecological systems world wide. Mankind will press inexorably on with his lemming quest for "more" until there is no more to be had. Perhaps the word "meek" is euphemism for those creatures who will really inherit the Earth. B

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Frank E Gibbard

Thanks guys I was wondering if this sort of "loop" poem I came across as a form is known to Tinker, just in case it's new as it aws to me.

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I've read a couple of examples of loop poems written with abbreviated lines that sound too contrived for my taste.....Your longer lines with flexible syllable count are better suited to this form. Though personally I'd prefer subtle in-line rhyme for subject matter like this-- but hey-- thats just me thinking out loud. :smile:

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Great thoughts, great warnings, great feeling.....and great FORM. I like this "loop".

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