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Poetry Magnum Opus

first frost


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long shadowed and half blinded I turn my head

from the low red sun-- it lights

the bare tree tops and makes green lichen shine

but lower boughs form silhouettes

that merge with a vast dark wood--

like human nature-- equally complex


three score of placid deer graze in the white fields

as cold air scratches my lungs

a crunch of boots on frozen leaves are sounds

it seems only I recognize

and making a homeward wheel

I note how good it feels to be alive

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David W. Parsley

Ben, this simple piece with its interplay of crisp atmosphere and true-but-elusive symbol: such a pleasure to read and feel. I love the economy of expression, the seemingly straightforward expression of emotion layered with meaning and context. I am trying to avoid hyperbole, but this is perhaps my favorite piece of yours. There is more Frost to it than mere condensation of moisture!


- Dave

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Thanks Dave. 'Say what you see' sometimes is a most satisfying if simple way to express something; I am fortunate to live where I can observe such seasonal displays. B.

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I think works like this can happen only if the N pauses and really looks at the world around. I love the tactile sense of this and can feel the effects of the seasonal changes, even the difference in sounds. Thank you. Paco

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