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Poetry Magnum Opus

(R - strong language) Gauntlet

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Christmas Day in the

castle, Squire Lancelot

is seeing what he's got.

One shitty parcel, not a

lot he mused after a year

bashing dents in armour.


"Now what is this here?

oh bollocks" from that

outline shape it's clear,

sealed by a red ribbon

favour and on vellum

parchment was scribed

thereon: "To my dearest

and favourite knave Lance.

From Auntie Guinevere."

Let's see if by any chance,

"Yes fucking hell! Just as

I suspected - only another

sodding I spun this myself

useless article, a soft gauntlet.


Young Lancelot threw it down

as knights it's said have done.

Maybe he'd get a real one yet,

well he was almost twenty-one.

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Grinning with pleasure. Throwing down the gauntlet indeed! Frank, your tongue is thoroughly embedded in your cheek. Likely a more accurate portrayal of young Lancelot. Another hormone filled dupe. Males have always been f*cked.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

in the end the lady gets what she wants if not from you than from someone else muhabuhaha. man want the samething from the lady and women love competitive moves of flamboyant men. need i say more, excellent poem to bash each others wits in with. okay who has the guantlet now,



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Nice one Frank. Reminds me of those lovely Stanley Holloway humorous monologues. " 'Arold on 'is 'orse with 'is 'awk in 'is 'and." and all that. :biggrin:

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