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Poetry Magnum Opus

Its a fine thing to sing


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Old Bob died last week: the veteran of wars

and widower of decades,

had made his last sojourn. Three pints of ale,

a gentle stroll home through the park,

singing songs that drew him near

to his dead wife and hypothermia.


And I-- watched a hawk pull down a fat pigeon

high in flight above the trees.

Bisecting then dissecting with such ease,

till just a ring of feathered tat

remained as consolation--

for the sullen cat who'd arrived too late.

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I sometimes wonder if we are evolving into a single hermaphroditic entity (audience and performers) with a compound eye ( media ) where everyone experiences almost everything by proxy. :smile:


From a different world: the chorus of an old song by Harry Lauder....... Old Bob was 98.


It's a fine thing to sing

singing is the thing

It brightens everything when dark and deary

it helps you on the road

when you have a heavy load

singing is the thing to keep you cheery.

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I think Bob in his time was more the hawk than the pigeon ...

Nice one. Again.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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So many interconnected people here: Bob, vets, pub customers, wife, other people in the park (maybe), the author/voyeur, the animals. Truly, the interconnected web of all existence. I think creation, holiness, trinity, whatever, is in RELATIONSHIPS and not in numbers. Nice poem.


Sullen cat. Brilliant.

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