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Poetry Magnum Opus

Lake Tahoe in the Summer


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Lake Tahoe in the Summer


The sky is so clear and the lake is so blue


it’s the kind of a place where a dream would take you


two hours removed from life’s hustle and bustle


find a place on the sand and then don’t move a muscle


the fresh mountain air softly scented with pine


under snow covered peeks that look simply divine


people are friendly and the mood is laid back


big city stresses are something they lack


the sportsman are busy out on the lake


while the gamers are scheming on which bets to make


bikers and hikers and golfers galore


so many places for you to explore


hotels and motels surround quaint little shops


all filled up with tourist in shorts and flip flops


as soon as you get there you start to unwind


and a calm easy feeling starts to build in your mind


the longer you stay the better you feel


more days on this earth you’re certain to steel


bring up your family or come with some friends


or maybe an enemy and then make amends


the sky is so clear and the lake is so blue


why I ever go home I don’t have a clue

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Hi Dan, The Sierra Nevadas used to be a favorite vacation spot for us because the mountains are just a little over 4 hours from home. We've often gone for weekend trips both summer and winter. Water skiiing and snow skiing are both great there, but the water is icy cold even in the summer. We never owned a ski boat but would go with friends who did but now my son owns one and plans to take it to Tahoe this summer. We have spent many vacations trekking into wilderness areas on horseback in the Sierras. Lake Tahoe is a magnificent body of water to view from a mountain trail.


You must have been at North Shore on the Nevada side if you visited the casinos. There are so many lakes in the Sierras but none as awesome as Tahoe it was fun reading this poem and realizing I haven't gone there in a few years now. I think I will take my son up on his offer for me to join them. Maybe it will inspire a poem from me.



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Lovely upbeat imagery to brighten up even the darkest mid-winter day-- prompts thoughts of holidays and idyllic days to come. Benjamin

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thanks for your comments...its wonderful to hear that the poem actually speaks to someone and sparks fond memories....and i love the reference to don henley's song...i am often inspired by great lyrics set to music...

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I believe it was 1965 when I visited Lake Tahoe, on my way to Nellis AFB. I have always loved the wilderness, and back then, Tahoe, even with some A-frame vacation homes, was still largely private. I stuck my toe into the water and drew back a frozen nub. Such a beautiful, nature phenomenon. I don't want to see it now. Nor Reno or Las Vegas. Maine will be my last disappointment to modernity. Thanks for the memory. Paco.

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