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Poetry Magnum Opus

I Remember Winter


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I Remember Winter


Snow muffles

embraces covers

shifts the world

hides meaning

makes everything

familiar reminds us


the difference between small love and big love

one reflects what we want to believe

the other shows us the truth


Mirrors just reflections

requiring two and imply

three proving the one


Understanding has nothing to do

with culture but it does ask why

you chose points for the icicles

hanging on coniferous shrub

by undecorated wall in our

shared memory of winter


Even in the hot tangle

of limb on limb jungles

this humid luminosity

our deep remembering.

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That next to last stanza is almost mystical.

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Undulates like a light silk sheet raised high and gently lowered on air over a waiting bed where it falls evenly into place. Particularly liked the 2nd stanza. B.

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A melancholic look back, Juris? If we're lucky -- or are we? -- we come full circle to mature understanding, to that bittersweet realization that there even is such a thing as a big love. Perhaps ignorance is bliss ... Perfect title, too!



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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