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Poetry Magnum Opus

Martin Luther still dreams


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Martin Luther and his wings dream apart they

shroud his ears to filter the echo of chains.

Dreams merge, King warms Lincoln's feet as he lay

at rest. Martin wears Abe's shoes-JFK campaigns,

King eyes an assassin. Kennedy falls

with two towers. Liberated wings wait for

a woken Luther to rise-ranking the calls

as they plummet. Waiting for a saviour

to out soar the fires below- both famous

and obscure prophets blow against opposing

sides of the flames, King landing without bias

breathes onto the blaze, he creates the piercings

ready for the loaning of celestial flight.

Angel Martin's time on earth is finite.

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Timely, poignant.

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Frank E Gibbard

Very solid mixing with ancient and modern, liked a lot this take on historical characters eclipse.

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David W. Parsley

Just got back in the swing, Barry (almost, still have some deadlines to work this weekend, then should see some clear space again). Exciting theme and use of form. This is one of those that I want to take some time with. For example, I am trying to make up my mind about the title, its use of ambiguity relative to the great man's equally great namesake. Other things, too. Regardless, it is a striking, timely, and original work.


Thank You,

- Dave

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