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Poetry Magnum Opus



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a whirling black wall

finds us all

in time

descending willy

nilly knowing not

whom or what

it destroys

with a scythe cutting

wide swaths heedless

of humanity or earth

a scimitar of uncaring

keen brass

it knows not love

or sorrow happiness

or anger even

it devours without

thought never ending

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Vivid. The grief is almost palpable. The wall seems to be living; reads as if personified: descends, destroys, devours. Ah! Alliteration.

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In that little world of long ago, ancient Greeks (and others) sought to offset oblivion, with the belief that you were immortal as long as your name was remembered; and so recited oral tradition to that effect. But these days even with expansive modern technology, the past deeds and sacrifices of many tend to be forgotten within the space of one lifetime. And it seems the only thing that truly matters is the present.

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Thank you, DC & Geoff. Someone said recently that the past is a different place. I think poetry is a different place.

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Poetry is not a different place. It is the here and now. And human will is indomitable (in spite of our frail and easily-fractured bodies) never mind what drug-crazed Commies, the US Air Force, or even aliens from space may throw at us. Keep the faith.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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