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Poetry Magnum Opus

Saint Cat


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For two nights each week,

Wednesday and Saturday,

It was the three of us

In your bed. He guarded

The space between my ankles,

Forbidding me any sleep

On my side so we might spoon.

You could only lay your arm

Across my chest or nuzzle

Against me; such was the

Dominance of his reign.

He would not crawl over us,

Would not patrol the bed

Underneath the blankets,

Would not stir his lithe frame

For a 3 AM snack or poop.

For two nights each week

That grey ball with a tail,

Purring between my ankles,

Was the only faithful one.

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I like this. Cats provide an endless source of mystery and conjecture. A friend of mine once said "Dogs have masters. Cats have staff!" You prompt me to post a children's cat poem I wrote some time ago which I don't think is among the fifty or sixty poems I've already posted here. B.

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