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Poetry Magnum Opus

In A Jungle

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

As a fan of the cartoon Jungle Book and of course Mr Kipling who made exceedingly good stories.

(ostensibly about the coalition government of Liberals and Conservatives oh ... and the London mayor Boris)


An unlikely partnership surprised in the jungle

these animals were not known ever to mingle;

Clegg was a mongoose, Cameron the snake

a bizarre liaison creatures knew must break.

Their normal relation to snap, growl and hiss

which Balls one surly baboon clearly missed;

natural order seemed now queer and amiss,

sick-making to see them as they coyly kissed.

When Clegg snuggled up at night in those coils

who honest of God's creations would not recoil?


Cable observed all from on high, the wise giraffe,

hyenas with customary disdain just had to laugh.

Farage a warthog snorted: "I'd kick 'em both out

of bed." "Chance would be a fine thing Farrago"

Bercow a wee mouse rose up to his fullest height

and said. Johnson the hairy gorilla above in a tree

looked upon all proceedings with discernible glee;

they'll do each other in he mused as he'd planned

so only one King of the Jungle will be left to stand.

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The little I truly know about the Brit politicos seem to be fully developed in this poem! Intelligent use of the style.

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Interesting caricatures... I'm not sure how to take this parochial theme when ordinary people in the much wider world are paying such a heavy price for trusting inept leaders and voracious institutions. I watch with interest Borgen-- the Danish political drama-- which is serious but offers a much more human and insightful side to politics and media; preferable (to me anyway) than watching the reality of our own current bunch of popinjays having their 15 minutes. Not much humour north of Watford on this subject Frank...... :blink: B.

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Well, at least we're rid of the Iron Lady! I think I said that before ... but I mean it! Nothing that comes along will shock me now.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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David W. Parsley

A rikki-tikki-tavi of a poem, Frank.



- Dave

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