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Poetry Magnum Opus



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It's six years now since you arrived, my status is revised!

Once I was master of this home, and you an errant child.

And then you grew, were free to roam, all weakness to despise.

Externally all soft and cute, but underneath still wild.

You sneak around like Gollum: up and down the hill,

mysterious and ghost-like, preoccupied at night;

with me reduced to doorman while you come and go at will.

I’ve been usurped completely! Oh dear! This can’t be right!



Is he out or is he in?” she calls me up the stairs:

On my window ledge!” I say, glowering at his eyes.

Buttons: set amusingly amid a jet black face,

watch me keenly all the way, as trousers cover thighs.

She!’( Your staunchest ally!) Who provides you with good food

and copper bottomed health plan complete with life-long deal;

will hear no word against you. And it causes me to brood

as YOU purr sycophantically, permitting HER a ‘feel’.



My careful tended flowers have your close attention

and rage descends upon me, that makes my digits curl.

Such arrogant behaviour! A snub to all convention!

Preening, eating, sleeping--- not a worry in the world.

And then the vindication: by mornings early light,

each day a presentation, small pieces of your ‘gold’

at my back door in tribute--- the trophies of 'last night'.

A frog, a bird, a newt-- sometimes-- even a little mole.

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each day a presentation, small pieces of your ‘gold’

at my back door in tribute--- the trophies of 'last night'.


A friend's cat does the same thing with these "gifts". You have captured cat-essence.


And yes, dogs do have owners while cats have staff. ;)

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