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Poetry Magnum Opus

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A friend who lives in the outback


hills of Jewell Hollow has several


dogs, who, one at a time, just showed up.


They were welcomed and fed and taught


the rules of living there.




He did not invite the dogs, nor would


he turn them away, each different in manners.


No preparations were made for the unexpected


lodgers, but their company enriched his life.


They all know who is in charge.




One who lives in the woods, knows the value


of a family member always on the alert,


ready to sound the alarm of visitors, welcome,


or those with evil intent. My friend is well-


armed, a realist who protects his own.




I welcome and feed birds, especially


the little hummers that sip at the sugar teat.


No doubt, dogs and birds do not feel


thankful to their benefactors. Why should they?


They never asked anyone to live with them.




Birds at the feeder remain wary and take wing


when their personal space is invaded, as do


all creatures. They have no awareness


of bringing pleasure to the creature who


cannot refuse to always restock the thistle seeds.

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Good to see you writing again. Got your PM. I'll reply bye and bye ... but what can I say?

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Thanks for reading, you busy body, (not to be taken as slander). PMs don't always require or deserve a reply. Just another way to vent.

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