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Poetry Magnum Opus

Happy Valentines Day


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To my sweet Valentine


I could have treated you to chocolates


or pampered you with flowers;


delighted you with jewelry


or tickled you for hours


I could have taken you for dinner


or up to Tahoe for the night;


perhaps a singing telegram


from a guy who’s abs are tight


but alas I’ve done none of these


opting instead to give you this;


a momentum from my heart


and a token of our bliss


I know what you are thinking


it’s the jewelry you prefer;


but babe I beg to differ


and in time you will concur


this cannot be purchased


its truly one of a kind;


and what I give to you today


was plucked out of my mind


So when the styles have changed


and your taste have matured;


to think you wouldn’t treasure this


is clearly just absurd


so think yourself rich


revel and rejoice;


quit thinking your husband


has made the wrong choice




Happy Valentines Day

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

lovely poem. enjoyed reading it.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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a true feeling shall never go unnoticed . and that's the strong point of your poem. Great ......




.....but babe I beg to differ


great line..... Shows your immense love !!

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