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Poetry Magnum Opus



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(Some poet said, "Good writers borrow, great writers steal!" I am trying to be good here.)




Awdl byr a thoddaid ( a Welsh form, rhyming and syllabic)


With gentle care I read a book

But place it back upon the nook

When both the moon and wax have ceased to light

The night with words I leased.


Without fanfare I'll write a line

And without tact I'll deem it mine.

The page is crisp and not yet creased by crime

Of rhyme from thoughts I fleeced.




I found the example here helpful:




I did not have to have ceased, leased, creased, and fleeced...it just kinda happened.

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A pleasure to read... and don't worry too much about purloining anything from "great writers" they all took their ideas from earlier writers ad infinitum. It proves a kind of literary evolution. :biggrin:

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