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Poetry Magnum Opus

Looking at me


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Your voice

May be sexy and deep

Your voice

May be seductive and sweet


But perhaps what you're selling

Is not what I need


As transfixed by your face in this place

That I am

I sense that your projection

Is a mere disappointing sham


And maybe it's because I've had

A lot of wine

And maybe it's because I wear my

Heart on my sleeve


But why should I wince and cower

Or concede to your fickle and fake allusions

When we both know they're just founded in downright illusion


You're a second guess

In the flesh

And I can't wait to see the back of you

But thanks for coming briefly into view


What's life without being kept on one's feet

Now watch me leave this bar

And walk calmly down the street.

To receive love, you have to give it...

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