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Poetry Magnum Opus

There's There

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Strange how some youngsters

are unaware it's not there

(place) but their (possessive)

and it's not "it's" but its, they're

basic bits of grammar that they

could have been told by their old

grandma who knew her grammar,

truth to tell, and how to suck eggs

well as well. That's an idiom kids

no not an idiot, which is a different

kettle of fish entirely.Don't even ask.

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Haha. And don't forget your and you're. I even read where one used time instead of thyme. My pet peeve: altar and alter.


I like your internal rhymes. This is a cute peace. Oops, I meant piece.

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These samples (presented with such a tounge, er, tongue-in-cheek way) are the most misused and misspelled, usually by angst-ridden teens. They can be forgiven as those striving to learn. My main annoyance, (since I am an old crab who yells at the TV) are the so-called journalists for whom Grammar was obviously not a part of their educational curricula. Even seasoned broadcasters continually pronounce interesting as interesting. Don't get me started on double-negatives. Soon I'll be attacking adjectives. :rolleyes:

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David W. Parsley

Sigh. Ah, it is so good to be back in such witty company!


Nicely done, Frank!

- Dave

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