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Poetry Magnum Opus

Wisdom Prayer


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Wisdom Prayer


I seek advice on the Way

from drunks junkies & stoners

those who have injected ozone

just to see or who have had cotten

fever because rat piss was the only

available liquid those who have learned

CPR at 3:33 am just in case the next fix

breaks the humanity or those who know


real regret

keep your apologists of misery

those who bury paranoia and fear

beneath layers of easy calories

layered in red white and blue


If living in moderation

make it a hard won lesson

Show me your scars!

Not with pride or humilation

but as a fact of life

dirty and glorious and organic

a blade of green grass

growing out of history’s slag


A celebration of endurance

singing off key

among perfectly tuned


orchestrations of eternal desires

sliding easily into place airtight

meant to keep out Death

but simply polishing his

scythe until we can

see only our



And nothing more.



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I like this very much: there 's a strange inevitability that challenges the reader.. to dare start seeing things. It brought to mind the adage “ to err is human” etc: But one could spin off at a tangent in a number of places. As they say.. “good poetry makes you think”. B.

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The speaker is done walking on egg shells and has joined the ranks of those too old or simply fed up with the ramblings of pompous pedagogues who minister bs and employ weak evasive maneuvers when confronted with logic. He utters his own prayer. Forthright, honest.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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