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Poetry Magnum Opus

Go boy!


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Oh listen to you!

Trying so hard to impress me with

Your drunken philosophies

And just when I thought you were making sense

I realised that

It was time to dispense

With these benign social pleasantries


In fact

As much as I respect the right to opinion

I must confess

That yours were beginning to bore me

Incredibly – more or less!


So, just relax and get over yourself and go and suck a cock

And when you’ve done it

You’ll realise that you’re not as low as

You see yourself on the shelf

And it won't be such a shock


In fact you’ll feel like a real hot shot

And how liberating it'll be to finally hit that evasive erotic spot!


It’s a shame that you’ve let your family

Define who you're meant to be


So go girl or boy

Get out of that corner

And celebrate your life like you know you ought to!


And leave all of those boring conversations and doubts behind

After all it’s your life

So are you gonna be false or true or unkind?


At the end of the day

It’s up to you

So my darling

Do you have the courage to follow through

Or are you gonna deny what's good and true and right for you?

To receive love, you have to give it...

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It sounds lyrical. I am musically deficient so I don't actually HEAR a tune in my head, but to me it just has this rhythmic flow. I am thinking the group "Heart" and am thus exposing my age.....And if you don't like "Heart" I apologize. :)

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