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Poetry Magnum Opus

gaily the troubadour


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the great-coat and quaker's hat

are a contradiction in terms

to a face that's old as the earth

a collage of time that concludes

in the bustling market place

with pigeons an unlikely foe

as he offers his daily fayre

but people scurrying by

while fingers warm on the strings

contrive to avert his eye

though he nods the occasional plink

in a battered instrument case

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Brings back memories of Buskers in Piccadilly Circus. I can still see them clearly as I stood watching them sing and dance and play--I can't remember what instruments. I like the contrasts of images you give us, even the attitudes and appearances of the participants. Good stuff, Geoff. I especially like "a collage of time..." Consider it stolen. :ph34r:

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London buskers have a great tradition epitomised in the 1938 film "The Sidewalks of London" starring Charles Laughton and Vivien Leigh. I was in a whimsical mood during the week however, when I wrote this short piece....For busking was an occupation which injured ex-servicemen (particularly the blind) embraced, that goes back hundreds of years; though one is more likely to see students or the jobless young involved these days. I have a picture at the top of my stairs of an old gypsy busker who smiles at me each day. It was bequeathed to me in 1972 by my father's sister who'd taught me music as a child. Along with it came a song with the refrain: “Gaily the troubadour touched his guitar/ as he was hastening home from the war./ Singing from Palestine hither I come./ Ladylove.. ladylove.. welcome me home.” By the way... feel free to steal... I do. :biggrin: G.

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Frank E Gibbard

Nice descriptive and a scene that has me in mind of Ralph McTell B of course with your distinct imprint. Frank

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Daily fayre. Nodding the plink. I like them. A lot.


Nodding the Plink. Sounds like a good name for a band. Ho, they might steal. :)

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