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Poetry Magnum Opus


Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Abe Lincoln was thought quite a paragon

compared to your King Henry the Eighth;

for one thing he never executed his wife,

nor dumped one like Catherine of Aragon.

He wore a certain suspicially tall black hat,

rumour had it he kept a tower of pancakes

there and once mid-speech to the masses

an awed populace became gradually aware

drips from Abe's hair may just be molasses.

"Government of the people ... by the people,

for the people," Abe paused within his oration

lending a gravitas to this leader's noble station;

hat flourish now would seem most Presidential

but that exact moment was not so providential.

On his forehead the stovepipe firmly remained,

above a brow smeared with syrup and stained.

Suffering succotash thought Abe. Oh untimeous

luck .. that damned hat's stuck on fast yet again.

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Frank E Gibbard

Smiling ear to ear. Can't think of a better critique then that!



So am I now doc. Some reward for the hard work. Cheers - Frank.

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Frank E Gibbard

Hello all who may have noticed an absence. Just getting back to writing again, in absencee of a body of ne3w work may I presume to bump this one i was happy with. Good to be back. Frank

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It's an old battle, Frank. In America, hope was built in from the start, but it has been subverted. There has been a constant struggle of states' versus federal power. Lincoln's primary goal was to preserve the Union; freeing the slaves was the purported reason for (and an incidental just outcome of) the "Civil War," the "War Between the States," the "War of Northern Aggression." Under America's federal Constitution, each state has the right to secede. Lincoln, in an act of federal despotism, made war against states that wanted to secede for a multitude of reasons besides slavery, in violation of the Constitution which the states themselves ratified, and that's a significant reason why there exists the U.S. federal behemoth we have today. What do you think would happen if any US state decided to secede, in accordance with the Constitution, for any reason today? The federal monstrosity in place would absolutely crush that state, with military force, for sure. How is this any different than the oppression faced by the American colonists under George III?


I know this reply isn't in line with the spirit of the poem. I just wanted to point out the paradox, that the Anglo-American "special" relationship is closer than it would seem. The ongoing battle is for liberty -- of all mankind, everywhere.


I'm glad you're back.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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