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Poetry Magnum Opus

Music in My Dream


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Music in my Dream  

Last night, the strangest thing,
there were notes on the loose.
I first saw them running up the wall
under the window sill.
They were little black notes
some trailing flags.

None of them were barred
or whole notes and barred
or barred and half notes
or half notes and tied.
None of them were chords.
No treble clef to hang my hat on.

The runaways would appear
then disappear,
But I heard them in the next room;
there were high notes and low notes
with blended notes
and all notes
singing sweet sweet music.

I tried to capture them
to neatly place them in a book
but they would have none of that,
they simply trilled their song
and ran along.
                      ------ Judi Van Gorder

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Delightful Tink.The notes set free to create their music. Perhaps a reflection on the nature of creativity. The magic reminds me of Hesse's short story book 'Strange News from Another Star'.



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Sorry working on my cell phone so wrote a response and it vanished. I Assam at a youth con and the kids at dinner were talking about the color of music and synaesthesia... A delightful coincidence for a delightful poem :-) also reminds more of one of my old favorites. Eating poetry not sure of the author...


Many thanks Tinker!



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Rather like sprinkling stardust in a Disney movie.. changing everything from black and white to colour. "No treble clef to hang my hat on." made me smile. :smile:

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