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Fox Five @ Bob Beckel


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No doubt you have received plenty of messages from Vietnam veterans praising your incensed anger, masterfully performed, at the producers at CBS for their recent blather about the scrap memorial of a B-52. I will keep this mail short as possible:


Forgive me for being cynical about the intentions for your tirade that brought the “suits” to their knees in apology. I believe the CBS crocodile tears about as much as I believe your own apology for your personal acts of venom against the same veterans. Perhaps you are now “evolving” with the times.

I’m not an innocent bystander, having served 18 months with 133 combat missions in B-52 and EB-66 aircraft. When the 2x4 whack of realization of intentional continued deployment—by then, mostly old aviators pulled from desk pilot jobs—to combat, our top politicians, knowing there was no way of achieving any military objective other than getting the hell out of Dodge, I refused another combat tour. I escaped military retribution until retirement, just a year after our desertion of Vietnamese and Montagnard comrades-in-arms.


I cannot express deeply enough my regret in having participated in that political adventure. Nothing has changed in that respect. We continue to send boys/men/girls/women to their deaths until we can find a way to withdraw with political honor from Afghanistan. Gee, why don’t we spit on returning wounded these days? Oh, I keep forgetting that “Support our Troops” is once again popular—until it’s not. My sons have escaped our armed adventures, but I promised them at that time of danger that if they were drafted, I would personally drive them to Canada.


Finally, congratulations on your new popularity. No doubt, a pay raise is in the offing. Yes, I am a bitter old man, but the doings of the MSM are meaningless to me (as expected). I just resent the spittle on my crisp khakis so many wars ago. Oh, congratulations also on your sobriety; you deserve a Good Conduct medal. You can have mine.




Franklin D. Harden

USAF Major (Ret.)

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You wrote:


you deserve a Good Conduct medal. You can have mine.


Bravo, fdelano.


I left every uniform and medal I had on the USS Bainbridge (CGN-25) the very last time I walked off of it in 1988. I just quit the best paying job I will ever have; leaving my admin support positions on DOD contracts after 24 years. I also might be able to spot you some cash, for when you drive to Canada. :)

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Had to get it out, Marti. That phony f*** truly irritates me. I hope he can find the backbone to read it on the air. I don't know what else I expected from a political leech.

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