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Poetry Magnum Opus

Never Abandoning Hope

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Big Hope here

Surrounded by my little Hopes

that I hold so dear.

Slender Hope it's still around

but not so round now being

slimmer of the year. Weak sibling

Faint Hope is inclined to swoon

I give space to and keep clear.

Mad Hope's chained and dribbling.

Forlorn eyes Mad with disgust

for losing sanity through trust.

Last as usual's meeting False

hopeless drunk in the last chance

saloon. Here's Hoping hopes that

his fellow Hopes will slope home soon

as befits Here's name. No has given

up completely of course, it always

feels the same. Lost All is similar

whereas Living In lives ever game.

I myself never give up my Hopes, entire

though I did throw Dwindling on the fire;

at times Despair visits and I rake over

that burnt Hope's kindling. I think I'll just

join Deepest down in Bob's Bunker as I

term it watching old On The Road To films,

it helps us to cope on the long road to hope.

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Nice dressing of verbal flesh for an abstract word that seems to live just over the horizon. Hope you are well. :smile:

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Frank E Gibbard

Thanks B,and for your hope as to ... glad you asked well ...


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