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Poetry Magnum Opus

Summer at Lake Tahoe (version 2)


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Lake Tahoe in the Summer


As soon as you get there, you start to unwind,


as that big alpine lake casts a spell on your mind.


The sky is so clear and the lake is so blue, it’s the kind of a place


where a dream would take you. Two hours removed


from life’s hustle and bustle, find a place on the sand


and then don’t move a muscle. The fresh mountain air,


softly scented with pine, under snow covered peeks that look


simply divine. People are friendly and the mood is laid back,


big city stresses are something they lack. The sportsman are busy


out on the lake, while the gamers are scheming on which bets to make.


Bikers and hikers and golfers galore, so many places


for you to explore. Hotels and motels surround quaint little shops,


bustling with tourist in their shorts and tank tops The longer you stay


the better you feel, it’s too good to be true,


but you know that it’s real. The sky is so clear


and the lake is so blue, why I ever go home I haven’t a clue.

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Very, very nice! I laughed and I smiled and I know why you go home, or at least why other's do. To make money, have a place to call home and away from home, and Tahoe winters can be brutal! ;-)



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