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Poetry Magnum Opus

It Was I

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

(my US NPM poem for April 2)


It was I who killed J. F. K. I

shot him down from on high,

I too who ended Mr A. Lincoln

and it's not some braggart's lie;

mine was the muzzled velocity

which made deadly bullets fly.


In these acts of assassination

I starred in every one, played

my part in each climatic scene,

I'm an efficient killing machine;

saw off M. Gandhi, M. L. King

and J. Lennon, all fell to me in

the reckoning. Here's is my J.

Hancock on my calling card I'm

always at your service .. A. Gun.

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A well presented, modern and relevant personification that's reminiscent of Bret Harte's short poem, "What the bullet sang". B.

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