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Poetry Magnum Opus



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I put on my friendliest face
and lightly asked questions
that had to be answered
by a felt-tipped pen
scrawling on plastic slate

each visit marked decline
yet the once vibrant person
whose selflessness humbles me
smiled with a thumbs up
as we exchanged words

I shall weep at home
recall her love of all life
friendship warmth and humour
and then... I shall smile.

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You'll always have her with you my friend. A lovely tribute.

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Thanks to all for your responses. She was a schoolteacher of Polish descent.. one who affected positively all of those with whom she had contact. My family and I were privileged to have her friendship for more than 30 years.

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A medieval German mystic once said, "If the only prayer you can utter is 'Thank you', it is enough."


I shall weep at home


THAT is enough. My sympathies to her family and yours.

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