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Poetry Magnum Opus

On using my loaf (NPM#6)

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

I found my loaf annoying,

Its slices disintegrated in

the hand - not very handy,

and useless making toast.


It spoiled my enjoying one

usual conveniance that I'm

used to. I cursed a shoddy

purchase. It seemed a blot

on my day, a bloody ruddy

nuisance, wait till I see that

baker and won't I complain?

I didn't as it went, no good

reason to vent. As from this

I recoiled, for aren't we just

too spoiled? There's hungry

mouths without holed bread

you pampered dunderhead!


Moan less, more comprehend,

I'll not be so half-baked again.

I hope rather to use my darn

loaf and that's a solemn oath.

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