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Poetry Magnum Opus

A Pause in Time


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A Pause in Time


I stop to rest on the brick steps

after several laps with the lawnmower

to sip some cool wine over ice.


I watch two robins skip-hop across

the mowed section, knowing they

are not searching for worms.


Well, not the edible kind,

since the female spreads her wings,

waiting for the excited male.


He mounts his love again

and again, fluttering wings

to keep their union balance.


Then flies to a branch above

as she squats there, left with

progeny, expecting no help.


Still, she will lay the eggs

with tenderness and nurture

them with warmth and cover.


I am not privy to the birthing,

but certain of its later wonder when

both parents fly to feed the maws.


I sip my wine and pity my

spine, aging and squealing

like a hungry, ugly robinette.


The world turns and we all

go about our daily chores,

none aware of the others.

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It's good to read of spring somewhere. How fickle the seasons and unsympathetic is time. Here we still have frost... in some areas snow..the wildlife is baffled and summer solstice is just a few short weeks away. "Tempus fugit" as our grandfather clock proclaims. Someone joked that summer will fall on a Wednesday this year. If it does.. a pause in time would be as welcome as your poem.

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Thanks, y'all.

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Oh, my!


certain of its later wonder


That is a beautiful line! And this is worthy of being called Prophetic (but not as in telling the future):


none aware of the others


And naughty, naughty, man, haha:


not the edible kind


Nice poem!

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Thanks, Marti. I wondered whether that line would sneak through the censors. :-8)

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Might I suggest dropping the last verse? The penultimate verse better ends it, me thinks.


Nothing against the last verse except that I think it should be somewhere else, not here.

The last is a bit of a poem of its own - a statement of the sorry and doomed human condition - we are all in our heads and notice nothing with our guts (poets excepted, perhaps).


[Had to move 6-8 inches of fresh snow to feed the local robins today. So much for a spring garden.]

from the black desert

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Thanks for the suggestion, Gatekeeper. Since I don't write for publication or contests, I'll leave it as my warped thoughts at the time.

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