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Poetry Magnum Opus

Spring Rain


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The rain clouds returned


from wherever they hide


and the umbrella’s delight as


the seasons collide.


The ground becomes soft


and the dirt turns to mud. Just as the


flowers were beginning to bud. The birds


and the bees fly off to find cover


and the squirrels skedaddle


one after the other.


The dogs and the cats seem to


take it in stride


keeping warm, safe and dry


lazily lounging inside.


The kids mope around


caus they can’t play outdoors


I tell them: "Go read a book or


I’ll find you some chores!"


You can’t really blame them


when it’s the fault of the sun


for showing it’s splendor


and then tail and run.


It seemed the winter


had succumb to the spring


but now they are sparring


and the sky is the ring.


I know that the seasons


will come and then go


but only one will bring baseball


and make the grass grow.


I look forward to spring


like a sailor to shore


when hats, coats and umbrellas


--are things we ignore.

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